March 17, 2017

Cool Spaces - The Dwell Hotel is a Wow Hotel

This is a unique place where luxury meets retro meets convenience. You will be amazed by the comfortable "Mad Men" style vignettes created throughout both the public and private spaces.



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February 1, 2017

5 Alternative Date Night Spots To Consider On Valentine's Day

My co-worker Chloé Morrison and I enjoyed a nonromantic happy hour at what was the new Dwell Hotel last August. I remember thinking, "This would be an awesome place for a romantic evening." The bar is associated with TerraMae, but the lounge is whimsical, weird and wonderful on its own. It's also hopelessly romantic with its Paris-in-the-1940s vibe.

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January 6, 2017

8 Bartenders Pick The Most Romantic Bars In Their Cities

“Set under hundreds of twinkling lights, Matilda Midnight is dark and cozy and the perfect location for a romantic evening,” says Cross. “This place oozes romance from the walls. I feel like I am in a mythical, dreamy, dark and mysterious Wes Anderson film the minute I step foot inside the bar. It’s easy to go in and feel like you’re in a different era entirely, which makes it a fun destination for a drink with someone special.

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